Case Study 3 - Tensio

In August 2010 I was asked by David Bray at Universal Music Paris (Durand - Salabert - Eschig) to prepare a set of parts for a new string quartet with electronics by Philipe Manoury. The parts were needed by October, which was no problem, even though the 80+ page manuscript was exceptionally complex - even by Manoury standards. At least there were only 4 parts.


As I was making the parts, which were extremely intricate and difficult to layout, to find cues, to organise page turns and so on, I was aware that at some time I would need to make the score, but there was no time to worry about how that would be done now.


The parts were finished on time and the performance went ahead, successfully I imagine as I heard nothing about it.


After the performace there were some composers changes that arrived in August 2013 after which I was asked to make the score.


Finale has a function called score merger which allows parts to be combuned into a single score file, but as I had used different solutions to different problems in the parts, and in places notes were beamed across staves, between the instrument and cue staves, this was not going to be any use. I had to make a new file, with 4 staves and copy section by section, part by part until all the material was in place. Next I needed to paginate the score. In this case the composer's ms was a perfect layout (that doen't happen often!). I added staves above so that I could enter any standard notation that needed to be put in the electronics section.


Once this was thoroughly checked and corrected, each page was exported as a pdf file to be opened in Illustrator and all the graphics of the electronics and some of the detail in the quartet parts could be added or replaced.


Please click the links here to see sample pages from this job.


Samples of the composer's manuscript


Samples of the instrumental parts


Samples of the final score prepared in Illustrator


(Score and parts may differ from the ms due to composer's revisions after the first performance)