Case Study 1 - Playing Away

In May 2007 I was contacted by Music Sales concerning an Opera by Benedict Mason - Playing Away because the composer wanted to make some changes for a forthcoming performance. We had about six weeks to amend the score and amend the parts. In the normal course of events this would not be a difficult time scale, and given the changes we had made to another of his operas - Chaplin Operas in February the same year, it seemed the project was manageable.


However, what actually happened was that the composer almost totally re-wrote the opera, requiring the creation from scratch of a new 620 page score and all the associated parts had to be generated  afresh.


Despite the additional work, the time scale was inflexible.


Supported by a team of about 6 proofreaders I set about the task.


Below you will find sample pages from the finished score and parts. This is the kind of project I am happy to take on.



Score samples:

Act 1 Scene 1 section 1

Act 2 Scene 4, No 30 Riot, to No 36 Finale


Parts samples:

Violins I Act 1

Clarinet 1 Act 2


Notation Challenge 1: In this duet various groups of players with singers need to play different tempi and metres. (apologies for those sensitive to the language used... I didn't write the libretto)


Notation Challenge 2: In this passage the orchestra divides into two sections, one following the conductor, the other moving off at an independent tempo, then later dividing into three independent groups.